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News Releases

New Brunswick, Nova Scotia release PARE annual report

August 10, 2010

The first annual report on what has been accomplished during the last year under the Partnership Agreement on Regulation and the Economy (PARE) was released today by New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

Nova Scotia, New Brunswick Partnership Agreement to Reduce Barriers

February 24, 2009

Nova Scotia Premier Rodney MacDonald and New Brunswick Premier Shawn Graham signed an agreement that will strengthen the economies of both provinces by reducing barriers to business, trade and skilled labour

New Brunswick Op-Ed / PARE, partnerships benefit province (09/02/26)

February 26, 2009

The following op-ed article was issued February 26, 2009 by Premier Shawn Graham

There can be little doubt that in 2009 the top issue on the minds of government, business and individuals is the economy. I have pledged to New Brunswickers that providing strong and determined leadership through this economic storm is, without a doubt, our government's number one priority. I was proud that, in December, New Brunswick was one of the first jurisdictions in Canada to present a plan that would address the economic challenges in the short term and also place us in a strong position in the long-term - a plan that positions us to achieve our goal of self-sufficiency by 2026.